#WrinkleFree At Seventy-Three?!?!

In this exclusive interview, Madelin White, owner of Merle Norman Cosmetics, Wigs & Day SPA, reveals her top 5 secrets to staying wrinkle free at the age of 73!

Madelin: “Learning to protect my skin from the sun by using products which contained SPF. One of the products I used when I first started my business at Merle Norman was a foundation with an SPF of 52. I used it everyday, which kept me well protected from the sun, even though I’m an outdoor type person.”

Madelin: “As teenagers, because when we’re born, the cells in the epidermis reach the surface within about 7 days. However, as we age those cells take much longer to reach the surface. If you learn how to take care of your skin when you’re young, it will become a habit.”

Madelin: “Besides the foundation base I was using with the zinc-oxide in it, I would suggest Energizing Concentrate has helped the most because it penetrates the 56 layers of cells of our epidermis, which keeps our cells plump as they rise to the surface.”

Madelin: “I cleanse my skin twice a day, never going to bed without cleansing. I use a toner, Energizing Concentrate, Fine Line Minimizer, and the appropriate moisturizer for night or day time. I also exfoliate to remove the dead skin, at least, three times per week!”

Madelin: “Protect your skin from the sun. Do not smoke, and keep your skin clean and protected.”

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