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Wigs, Hair Pieces, Caps, & Extensions.

There are so many styles and colors of wigs.  It would be shocking if we couldn’t find the right one for you.  We have listed many styles from one of several companies from whom we purchase wigs and hair pieces.

  • Raquel Welch

  • Gabor

  • Revlon

  • Aspen

  • Amore

  • Noriko

  • René of Paris

  • Hairdo

  • Envy

First, there are human hair wigs which look natural. They can be blown dry, colored, permed and you can use a curling or straightening iron.  Those are the good things about them.  The down side is if you get them wet (rain), they will go straight and you will have to go home to fix them.  They are also quite expensive. If you decide to color or perm them, I highly recommend you use a test strip before you do it all over the wig as we don’t know what processes have been done to get to the color the wig is now.

Second, there are synthetic wigs, which also look very natural. They are easy to care for because, if they get wet and you don’t comb them when they’re wet, the curl or body will come back when it dries. The down side is they can’t be colored or permed and you can’t use a blow dryer, curling iron or straightening iron on them.

Having said that, there is an amazing fiber which is synthetic, but you can use a curling iron or straightening iron on them up to 3 or 300 on the dial.  Once you curl or straighten them, even though they get wet, as long as you don’t comb them until they are dry, the curl or straight look comes right back. There are only a few companies which have this technology.

Prices vary from wig to wig.  Usually, the differences come from the brand.  Also, there are machine tied wigs and hand tied wigs.  Obviously, hand tied wigs cost more, but in most cases look more natural.  Also, there are lace front wigs.  The lace front allows the wigs to not have to have bangs.
Although there are many reasons people choose to wear wigs or hair pieces (thinning hair, bad haircut, bad perm or just want a look which your hair can’t provide), there are also people going through Chemo and we give discounts on wigs to them.

If you purchase a wig from us, we also provide any trimming or thinning at no extra charge. We will also cut wigs which weren’t purchased from us, however, there is a charge.

There are certain products which you should use for synthetic wigs since they are a synthetic fiber.  You may use regular shampoo, however since shampoo is meant to take the oil out of our hair, they tend to dry wigs out.  Therefore, they won’t last as long.  There are special conditioners, as well as wig spray.  If you use regular hair spray, it may put a coating on the wig which looks like dandruff, and we can’t get that out.  We also carry a gel which can be used on wigs.

People wonder if they need to wear a cap under their wig.  The answer is, it depends what you feel is most comfortable.  We have nylon caps, wig nets and a very comfortable, bamboo cap. We also have “halos”, which are head bands that have hair attached.  Therefore, not a full wig, but enough so, when wearing a cap or hat, you can’t tell you don’t have any hair.

Wigs aren’t the only hair product we sell.  We also have hair pieces for covering an area where there has been hair loss or for where you want more volume.  There are also pieces which give you extra length and many types and lengths of extensions. Also, we have many different types of head coverings.  Besides turbans, we have several styles which are very attractive whether or not you have hair. We have included some of these in our website.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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