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“There’s beauty in simplicity”

Merle Norman has 15 different formulas of foundation.  They range from very light weight, like Sheer Defense, which is a moisturizer with a hint of color to Total Finish, which is maximum coverage.  In between there are perfecting makeups, timeless, the original powder base (no powder) which has zinc oxide, cc cream and so many others.  We also have several types of Coverups/Retouch which are used to camouflage the dark circles/spots or to counteract redness, as well as products which give you a “sparkle”.

  • Face

  • Cheeks

  • Eyes

  • Lips

  • Finding the correct color or type of product is where our trained Beauty Advisers come in.  They can help you find the product which works best for you and is the perfect color.  Don’t forget to come into our studio for a foundation check, at least twice per year, as our skin color does change with the different seasons.
  • Finding the right blush has to do with, not only your skin tone, but the colors of clothing you wear next to your face.  Wearing the wrong color, can make you look tired instead of enhancing your look. Your lip colors should go with your blush.  We have 104 different colors, as well as many types of lip color and lip liners.
  • Deciding what colors of eye shadows also can enhance or take away from your best look.  You can use colors to go with your clothing or you can use colors which enhance your eye color.  Again, our well trained Beauty Advisers can help you with this.  You might be surprised which colors are your best colors when it comes to enhancing your look.
  • Eyeliners come in many colors as well as many types.  We have liquid, 3 different types of pencils, as well as felt tip.  Using the right color of eye liners will also enhance your eyes.
  • Don’t forget your eyebrows!  We have several types of products to enhance your brows expending on your needs and likes.  Your eyebrows frame your eyes.  You definitely need them otherwise your eyes will not look their best.